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About Us

CEREN, was founded in 1989 by its current CEO Yaşar Kâhya to produce and supply high quality screen printing inks to the market in fair conditions.

CEREN grew consistently since it has always determined sectorial needs early and invested on time. With its wide product range, professional staff who exceled in the area, quick adaptation to developing technology and country-wide dealerships CEREN has been one of the most known and reccomended companies in the sector.

CEREN started to import goods in 2000 in order to meet its customers’ demand quickly and give good service quality. CEREN received “CEREN Screen Printing Inks and Auxiliary Materials co. ltd.” title by signing distributorship agreements with pioneer worldwide companies that are in Screen Printing, Textile Printing Inks and Auxiliary Materials, Screen and Pad Printing Machine areas.

CEREN still values screen printing technique which is frequently being used in the sector and has a long history. CEREN’s customer portfolio includes an undeniable portion of screen printing end users.

Virtuous and honest work ethic, quality post-sales service and technical service is underlying behind CEREN’s rising success rate through the years.

Currently CEREN is continuing its business activity by detecting the sectoral needs and making new attempts at its central office in İstanbul.