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Auxiliary Chemicals

Brand: CEREN
Eraser wipes the ink on the misprinted material without damaging the material surface and dries quickly, making the material suitable for printing again. Please test first on an invisible part of the product or on a sample to check whether the surface of the product is damaged. It is not suitab..
Brand: CEREN
Phthalate-Free Thinner is a thinner especially produced for Texiplast 7000 ink series. It does not contain harmful substances such as phthalate and lead. Please contact us for MSDS document...
Brand: VFP
Primer is a solvent based adhesive which makes a material surface suitable for printing.  The product is applied to the surface of the product with the help of a cloth. Before using the product in large amounts, try on a sample so that your goods are not wasted. It is not suitable for..
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