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Manoukian Argon

AM 9 Table Spray is an adhesive spray for printing tables.It is used for sticking products that do not stand stable on the printing table.Its stickiness remains for a long time, it is suitable for different types of textiles, it does not contain CFC.Directions for Use: Shake the product well before ..
Epoxser Series is a two-component, high opacity, glossy ink series. It has excellent adhesion to glass, metal and ceramic surfaces.  How to prepare for print After adding 25% Epoxser Catalyst, 10-15% SV Thinner or SV 5930 Retarder is added. The prepared mixture should be used within 4..
Sublicoat Adhesion Promoter is a two-component polyurethane acrylic varnish developed for products to be printed on using the sublimation transfer method. It is applied to the product, making it suitable for sublimation. It dries quickly on the surface and does not stick.Its durability is very ..
Texiplast 7000 Series is a transfer printing ink series produced by Manoukian Argon from Italy. It can be applied to all fabric types and fiber materials. Besides being phthalate-free, it is highly flexible and soft. The product is ready to use. It is recommended to mix well and make it homogen..
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