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PVC Series

PVC Series
PVC Series

PVC Series is a solvent-based screen printing ink series.


Appearance: Semi-Matte

Fields of Application: PVC Series inks are used on surfaces that do not require high chemical resistance; It can be applied on PVC, artificial leather, plexiglass, acetate, polystyrene, self-adhesive PVC papers, paper, cardboard, rigid plastic, ABS, CAB, cellulose acetate and polyester.


Printing Method: It is suitable for printing with Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Machines.


CEREN PVC Inks are one of our most widely used ink series in the market due to their economical price and high quality. These inks dry quickly when printed.


PVC Series inks should be thinned using 10-15% Retardar.

With 1 kg of PVC ink, an average of 45-55 m² of area can be printed with 120 no polyester mesh.

Its viscosity can be reduced by adding SV 5910 Thinner to the ink at a rate of 10-15%.

By adding SV 5930 Retardar, the drying of the ink on the mesh during printing can be slowed down. In cases where the viscosity of the ink is not desired to decrease, the desired result can be achieved by using Retarder Paste.


*Can be prepared in special colors selected from the Pantone C catalogue upon request.


Package: 1 kg and 5 kg


Color Options: Clear Varnish, Black, White, Extra White, Yellow, Flag Red, Rubin Red, Blue, Bead Blue, Navy Blue, Grass Green, Benetton Green, Brown, Grey, Purple, Pink, Lilac, Gold Gilding, Silver Gilding, Copper Gilding, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Green, Invisible Silver Gilding, Frequency Silver Gilding

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