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Texiplast 7000 Series (Plastisol)

Texiplast 7000 Series (Plastisol)
Texiplast 7000 Series (Plastisol)

Texiplast 7000 Series is a transfer printing ink series produced by Manoukian Argon from Italy. It can be applied to all fabric types and fiber materials. Besides being phthalate-free, it is highly flexible and soft.


The product is ready to use. It is recommended to mix well and make it homogeneous before printing. Phthalate-Free Thinner can be added to the ink to reduce its viscosity.


Color Types


Texiplast 7000 OP

(Opaque Series)


White Super Bright, Black, Lemon Yellow, Warm Yellow, Medium Yellow, Orange, Bright Red, Carmine Red, Fuxia, Medium Red, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Dark Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Brilliant Green, Gold Gilding, Silvering


Texiplast 7000 Process

(Transparent Series)


Clear Base, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black


Texiplast 7000 Fluo Plus

(Fluorescent Series)


Yellow, Orange, Red, Green


Texiplast Adhesives

GT Transparent, Extender Base, Additivo Promotex, Strech PF