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Chroma / Tech PL

Chroma / Tech PL
Chroma / Tech PL

Chroma / Tech PL is a ready-to-use high mold emulsion. Chroma / Tech PL, a photopolymer emulsion, does not require curing and can be easily used in high mold jobs due to its intense viscosity.


Technicial Specifications


Does not require hardener.

It dries quickly and has short exposure time.

Mesh coating and covering feature is very powerful.

It can be easily removed from the mesh.

It is preferred in high mold works due to its high rate massive content.

It gives detailed and high quality printing results.


Color: Blue / Green

Viscosity: Medium

* Shelf life is 24 months when stored at room temperature. Chroma / Tech PL should not be stored above 27°C.

* Protect from freeze! Chroma / Tech PL loses its stability when frozen and remelted!

Technical Data Sheet - Download PDF

  • Model: 021