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Steel Clichés

Steel Clichés
Steel Clichés

Steel cliché or plates on which the pattern is engraved, used in pad printing machines (ink cup or ink tray). The dimensions of the steel clichés / plates should be the same as the cliché dimensions of the machine on which it will be attached.


The pattern is exposed by applying chemical (acid and bath) processes to the steel clichés. This process is not done by our company. We only sell raw (emulsion coated) clichés. You can contact us for a company reccomendation that exposes steel clichés / plates.


A minimum of 100,000 prints can be taken with exposed and ready-to-use steel clichés. The longest lasting cliché type is the steel cliché. It is recommended for high circulation works that will be done for a long time.


Steel plate thicknesses available in our stocks are 0.50mm and 0.30mm.


*Please contact us for special plate sizes. We have a cliché cutting service.

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